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What Our Ocean Does for Us

Taking up more than 70% of Earth’s surface and 97% of Earth’s water supply, the ocean is one of our planet’s greatest gifts to us. Yet, we’re polluting it every day through immense plastic production and inefficient waste disposal methods that are already catching up to us. You hear so much about ocean protection and ocean preservation, but what exactly does our ocean even do? Here a few reasons why it’s time we start caring more about one of the most beautiful ecosystems on Earth.

It’s a Big Part of Why We’re Alive

The fact you’re breathing right now can be heavily attributed to our ocean. Responsible for 50-70% of oxygen production, the ocean possesses microscopic plant-like organisms known as phytoplankton that take in carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen. Through phytoplankton and other marine organisms, our ocean creates more oxygen than all of the planet’s rainforests, and it provides half of the oxygen you’re in inhaling right now.

Climate and Weather Control

Another crucial role the ocean plays in our lives is maintaining our climate. Much of the heat from the sun is absorbed by the ocean (and then distributed around the world through currents). Warmer water from the equator is transported to the poles, while colder water from the poles is transported to the tropics. This aids in keeping areas of our world at their current temperatures. Without these climate controls, many parts of the world would exhibit even more extreme climates, and our planet would ultimately have fewer habitable regions. The ocean also ensures that most our planet isn’t left arid, either. Through the water cycle, water from the ocean evaporates and forms clouds. From there, rain and other forms of precipitation occur which allow all living things to function.


With how critical a role our ocean plays in our lives, we must do more to protect it from human carelessness. Becoming more conscious of where our waste goes and what we purchase will greatly help preserve the ocean. We’re at a vital point where our actions today will determine our ocean's (and our planet's) future. Let’s do our best to make sure it’s a bright one -- shop the zero-waste and ocean-friendly Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser here



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