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The top ingredient in most skincare products (~70-90% of each bottle) is water: the same water we have on tap at home. Water is not only heavy and carbon-intensive to ship, but it’s also the reason we need artificial preservatives in skincare products. Seadrop creates dry, preservative-free concentrates in zero-waste, refillable packaging for skincare that’s cleaner for both the planet AND your skin. Read more about why we chose waterless HERE.

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Yes! Ordering from Seadrop online is safe and secure. When ordering Seadrop online, you will be brought to a secure server where all of your credit card and payment information is encrypted and stored safely. Our website is hosted on a platform that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) advanced encryption technology. Your credit card information is encrypted when it is transmitted to us and is stored in a secure environment. SSL makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to read any of the information you send us via the secure server.

The top ingredient in most skincare products (~70-90% of each bottle) is water: the same water we have on tap at home. Water is not only heavy and carbon-intensive to ship, but it’s also the reason we need artificial preservatives in skincare products. Seadrop creates dry, preservative-free concentrates in zero-waste, refillable packaging for skincare that’s cleaner for both the planet AND your skin.

We are waterless, zero-waste, clean, concentrated, and cruelty-free.

Seadrop Skincare was born in Philadelphia, crafted in Miami, manufactured in Minnesota, and will be shipped to you from New York. Our products are manufactured and packaged in the USA.

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Returned beauty products are typically thrown out or destroyed, and shipping opened products back to us creates an additional environmental impact. While we don't accept returns today, please note that if you have a defect or problem with your order, we are always here to help - email us at with "return help" and your order number as your subject line.

Lost, stolen, and damaged packages happen. If your items arrived damaged, a claim must be filed with the carrier for damaged items. Please contact us for more details before a claim is submitted. Please note we must be contacted within 14 days of the delivery date for any damaged items!

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Hydrating seafoam Cleanser

First crush your cleanser bead between your pointer and thumb into your left palm. Then, keep crushing until no large chunks remain. The more you crush, the creamier your cleanser - and the less you crush, the more exfoliating. 

Do NOT store your cleanser beads in the refill packaging. Each recyclable refill tube is carefully crafted to carry product in transit to you, but designed to quickly biodegrade and disintegrate with sustainability in mind. 

Our glass Eternal Jars are designed to preserve your cleanser beads from the moisture in your home, and they’re also lightly childproof (still easy to open!) to protect your children and pets.

Since we use FSC-certified uncoated and unlined paper packaging that’s printed using soy-based inks, our refill packaging biodegrades in ~4 weeks (vs 400 years for even the thinnest of plastics).

The refills are curbside recyclable - just toss them (along with the biodegradable desiccant that comes with each refill) into your household recycling bin!

Store your cleanser jar with the rest of your skincare products.

Avoid storing the cleanser in the shower or under direct sunlight.

Yes! Just make sure to crush each bead outside the shower / before your hands get wet.

Do not store your Eternal Jar in the shower.

No - do not crush beads with wet hands. Crush each bead with dry, clean hands. Then, collect a cupped-palmful of water into your empty hand & vigorously rub both hands together until a foamy liquid forms. 

Up to you! You do not need to wet your face before you cleanse, since you’re freshly activating the cleanser with water before you apply it to your face.

Yes! Our products use no synthetic or artificial fragrances, leaving you irritation-free. The light grapefruit scent you experience each time you activate a cleanser bead is naturally occurring from our skin-loving ingredients.

Inclusivity is at our core, and we deliberately designed the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser for all skin types, ethnicities, genders, and ages. Our cleanser bead is dermatologist tested, clinically tested, non-irritating, and allergy tested. Seadrop Skincare products are formulated to be effective on all skin types!

Yes! Seadrop products are made with all-natural, clean ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive skin-types. Our products have gone through rigorous allergy testing and are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial preservatives, and artificial fragrance.

The Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser's ingredient list includes rice starch, oat flour, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower powder, kaolin clay, papain (papaya enzyme), grapefruit and orange extract. Learn more about our ingredients here!

The full ingredient list is below: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate, Kaolin, Cocoyl Methyl Glucamide, Sunfloweroyl Methylglucamide, Propylene Glycol, Clitoria Ternatea (Butterfly Pea) Flower Powder, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Papain, Sodium Hyaluronate, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Isopropyl Shea Butterate, Sorbic Acid, Dodecane, Hexadecane, Glucose.

Since Seadrop products are waterless, we are naturally free of artificial preservatives. Any water based product (e.g., cream, lotion, gel) is at high risk of growing bacteria, which can be harmful to the skin. Since our products are entirely waterless, we eliminate the need for artificial preservatives entirely.

Although our Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser does not contain any harsh chemicals such as retinoids, salicylic acid, hydroquinone, phthalates, formaldehyde & chemical sunscreens, we always recommend that you ask your doctor before using any product on your skin during pregnancy.

To ensure that your Seadrop cleanser is used at the time of optimal freshness, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and using it within 12 months of purchase. Make sure to store your Seadrop Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser in your glass Eternal Jar (never in the recyclable, biodegradable paper Refill Tubes we use for shipping).

Each new Refill Tube contains 60 beads (enough for a 2 month supply if you cleanse your face once a day). Shop for refills here!

Yes, to all! We are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, and we never test on animals. We are dermatologist tested, clinically tested, and allergy tested (proven to be non-irritating). We never use artificial fragrances or artificial preservatives in our products, and our skincare is alcohol and paraben free. We formulate with non-comedogenic and natural ingredients.

All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted and certified cruelty-free suppliers, and all of our suppliers have been handpicked by our U.S.- based cosmetic chemist.

Yes! All of our paper packaging (e.g., everything except our glass Eternal Jar, which is designed to be refilled forever) is 100% curbside recyclable and biodegradable. We print on lightweight FSC-certified paper using soy-based inks for a minimal environmental footprint.

FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council®, is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of forests worldwide. The FSC system guarantees that goods like wood and paper have been harvested in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. This means that our FSC® certified paper is being used after ethical harvesting practices.

Soy-based ink comes from soy oil that is grown naturally. This allows the ink to degrade more than four times faster than petroleum-based inks.

The skin barrier is the outermost part of the epidermis and aids in keeping irritants and pollutants out while keeping moisture in. An essential part of the skin barrier is the acid mantle, a film on the skin’s surface whose acidic nature prevents bacteria from seeping in.

Seadrop is rooted in the belief that we can hydrate, protect, and revive our skin's barrier with nourishing and luxurious skincare concentrates. That's why we focus on using ingredients that hydrate (triluronic acid, oat oil), protect (antioxidant-rich citrus, blue butterfly pea flower powder), and revive (papaya enzyme, kaolin clay).

We avoid harsh exfoliants that can cause micro-tearing, and we only use gentle products that support the skin rather than exhaust it.

Yes! Our Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser is dermatologist tested. This product has also passed through HPIT testing, and a dermatologist has verified that this product is non-irritating and allergy safe in a clinical setting.

Absolutely! We specifically sought to make skincare for all skin types and genders. Our Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser is particularly good for gently cleansing skin, the first step in every healthy skin routine.

Yes! While our products are not specifically designed to control teenage acne, the gentle ingredients will help build moisture and overall improve skin quality.

Never! Seadrop is leaping bunny certified, so our products are entirely
cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. It also means we’re regularly checked to see if we’re meeting standards - you don’t have to worry about if the products you’re buying are unethical.

You can replace your current facial cleanser with the Seadrop Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser while keeping the rest of your routine the same. If you currently double cleanse your face, you can either use the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser twice (e.g., using two beads) for maximum makeup and grime removal, or you can use the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser after your first oil cleanse.

Layer your serums, moisturizers, and facial oils after you cleanse your face using the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser.

No - our cleanser is specifically formulated with hydrating ingredients such as oat oil and a unique blend of three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (our triluronic acid blend). The Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser only removes excess oil and dirt with a formula that won’t damage or overwork the skin barrier. The cleanser leaves skin feeling supple and refreshed.

As with any cleanser, we always recommend applying your serums/moisturizers/facial oils onto your clean skin after you cleanse.

Nope! While each Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser starts out as a soft-pressed bead, each bead easily crushes into a fine powder between your fingers. When that powder is mixed with water, it will lather into a creamy foam that feels soft and gentle on the skin.

Add more water for more bubbles, add less water for a creamier cleanse - however you do it, Seadrop will always be gentle and barrier-strengthening.

Very mildly! Our cleanser features a low dosage of papaya enzyme that functions as an extremely gentle chemical exfoliant to get rid of dead skin without damaging the skin barrier.

Not at all! The bead immediately becomes a fine powder when slightly crushed between your fingers. Always crush your cleanser beads with dry hands, and store your Eternal Jar in a dry place.

We recommend cleansing twice a day (morning and night), as the Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser removes both daytime products (makeup and SPF) and nighttime products (retinol, heavy serums). If you only cleanse once a day, we recommend cleansing at night.

However, the cleanser is gentle enough to be used more than twice a day (such as after a workout or if you’re in need of a midday pick-me-up.)

We advise avoiding the eye area. Do not use to remove eye makeup.

Yes! This can remove face makeup, lotions, serums, and your other skincare products. However, please be sure to avoid the eye area when cleansing.

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