By Serena Advani

How Going Waterless Creates Big Waves

Every day, 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Annually, 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution. One of the large sources of this pollution is the skincare and beauty industry, which produces 120 billion units of packaging annually. At Seadrop Skincare, we integrated ocean preservation, microplastic awareness, and sustainable packaging into our brand ethos from day 1. 

We began questioning why so much plastic packaging is used in the beauty industry. Are there no better alternatives for companies to use? We discovered that single-use plastics are used because most beauty products (especially liquids like creams, lotions, and gels) contain a high percentage of water. In fact, according to Univar Solution experts, on average, a cream formula is 60-85% of water, a lotion is up to 90% water, and a cleanser is up to 95% water.  Water-based products require airtight packaging, often made of plastic, to prevent bacterial growth. However, if we were to remove water from skincare products entirely, it could lead to more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

From there, we started working on creating quality skincare products that forego water all together. We all have access to water on tap at home -- why not just mix the water into our skincare ourselves? By removing water from the equation, we have been able to devote our efforts to formulating remarkable concentrates. Once combined with water, these concentrates seamlessly transform into the familiar products we all know and love.

By eliminating the complexities associated with packaging water-based formulas, we have paved the way for transporting our products in genuinely sustainable and zero-waste methods that actively safeguard our oceans. Our biodegradable, FSC-certified paper packaging and refills are printed using soy-based inks, and they're all curbside recyclable. Additionally, our skincare rituals will bring you joy every day as you indulge in products sourced directly from nature.

We’re here to make life better for you without making it worse for the Earth. 
Going waterless creates big waves in protecting our oceans -- shop the waterless Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser here



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