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Are You Accidentally Demolishing Your Skin Barrier?

From AHA to Salicylic Acid to Retinol, it’s amazing how many skincare products there are today that promise incredibly effective active ingredients. From a consumer perspective, we know it can be difficult to limit what we buy off the shelves and incorporate in our daily skincare routine. While these ingredients may be great for your skin, many people today are making the mistake of using too many of these kinds of harsher products or are not watching out for how these products interact with each other. When certain ingredients come together, they may no longer operate correctly and can even cause long-term skin damage. Here a few things you should watch out for when assembling your skincare regimen.

Harmful Ingredient Interactions

While Retinol, AHA/BHA, Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide, Niacinamide have all been touted to provide heroic benefits for the skin, when some mix together, it’s no longer the case. Take Retinol for example. It provides anti-aging effects as well as aids in hyperpigmentation but is also extremely drying for the skin and can cause sensitivity. When paired with Vitamin C, acids, and benzoyl peroxide, those effects can be exacerbated and lead to over-drying. Another interesting case would be how Niacinamide can impact the integrity and effectiveness of Vitamin C, leading to flushing. Using Vitamin C and acid-based ingredients together can also lead to disappointment as some acids can change the pH of Vitamin C, ruining it’s effectiveness. To avoid these dangerous combinations, make sure to rotate when you use certain ingredients and switch off some ingredients every other day to prevent irritating interactions.  

Too Complicated

One of the most common mistakes people are making with their routine is using too many products. Skincare shouldn’t be so confusing or expensive and in fact, overdoing your routine can lead to long-term irritation and sensitivity. Your skin is only able to absorb so much product and by piling on so many layers, you may be stressing your skin out or just wasting product. Keep your routine to only a few products in the morning and night. Ensure that each of your products truly have a purpose being in your routine and are actually there to help fix a skin issue.

Trust Your Skin

Your skin is naturally designed to restore its own moisture and repair itself when necessary. There’s not enough trust in our own skin which is why harsher products have become more popular. Instead, consider products that support your skin’s natural functions rather than replace those functions altogether. By doing so, your skin will be allowed to really heal itself for long-term benefits rather than short-term results from intense ingredients. Not to mention, you’ll be spending a lot less time stressing about your routine and can help conserve wasteful packaging as well.

We know how tempting it is to stack layers of different products on your skin, especially when they all promise amazing properties and rejuvenating effects. However, your skin needs breathing room to do its job correctly. An onslaught of harsh and intense products will only make that job harder. Simplify your routine and you’ll be much happier with skincare overall and the long-term results from strong, health skin.




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