By Sanjna Jotwani

Intern Diaries: Why I Love the Beauty Industry

Sometimes, my friends will jokingly complain that I love getting ready to go out than actually going out. But honestly, I can't blame them because it's true. I love the feeling of sitting down in front of my vanity, laying out my skincare and makeup products, and blasting Taylor Swift's discography as I get ready for the day.


I remember always loving beauty. It all started when my grandpa bought me a children's makeup kit for my 11th birthday. While of course it wasn't the best quality, I loved playing around with different eyeshadow colors, painting my lips with different shades of reds or purples, and painting my nails crazy neon colors.


As I started to wear makeup more, I felt more confident in my own skin. I started doing my mom's makeup, then my sister's, and I looked forward to the art every time I had the chance. From watching YouTube tutorials to browsing the beauty aisles at stores, excitement always coursed through me when I found a new mascara to try or a new nail polish shade that I immediately fell in love with. Later, I also started to understand the importance of skincare and found a new realm I can learn more about.


The beauty industry has given me a passion that I want to work in. It has made me and so many others around me comfortable and confident.


I realize there are some faults though, such as the lack of inclusivity for foundation shades or skin types and the excessive use of plastic. I hope to tackle these issues in the beauty world and know that our work at Seadrop Skincare is helping. I'm excited to keep loving the beauty industry, but also improving it.

-Ahona Rana


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