By Sanjna Jotwani

Skincare Routine Blog Post

Hi! My name is Lulu, I'm originally from Germany but grew up in Thailand and I'm currently a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Mathematics. In my free time, l absolutely love to be outdoors in nature, whether that is hiking, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. I'm also a Trader Joes addict (don't ever let me go into the store alone). My top three snacks are the Chili & Lime Rolled Tortilla chips (practically superior Taki's, the flavor is 100% elevated), the dark chocolate peanut butter cups (I can never eat JUST ONE of them), and the Everything but the Bagel chips (if you like the seasoning on your avocado toast, you absolutely have to try this) 

Skin type: I would say that my skin type is a combination of both dry and oily and is super dependent on the environment I am in! 

Favorite self-care nighttime routine: When I really want to treat myself to a full self-care night, I would start by lighting candles in my room before I take a nice, hot shower—I absolutely love leaving the bathroom to the smell of scented candles. After completing my very minimalistic skincare routine which includes cleansing and moisturizing, my favorite thing to do is to snuggle up in bed and binge a couple of episodes of my favorite Netflix shows. I'm all over the place with my favorite TV shows, but I'm obsessed with the Queen's Gambit, Bridgerton, and Black Mirror. I've also rewatched Friends at least 6 times from beginning to end, and my favorite episode will always be "The One with Unagi." I also absolutely have to have on a pair of sweatpants (an absolute essential). I usually put on my Alo sweatpants that I got gifted for my birthday and they genuinely feel like a teddy bear but in the form of pants. Lastly, I love a good hot tea; I usually just cut up slices of ginger and boil them with the water in the kettle. Once I'm finally in bed I will not get up for anything until it's morning. 

Spa night essentials: We all love a good spa night with friends, whether that’s after a tough work day or an impossible midterm. My spa nights always start with cleansing my face (I love the Seadrop Hydrating Seafoam Cleanser to prep the skin!). After cleansing, I absolutely have to include face masks. I honestly don't have a favorite brand because I always just buy what looks the most fun at CVS. I definitely acknowledge that sheet face masks aren't the most eco-friendly skincare product, but becoming sustainable is a step by step process! Trying out homemade masks has been one way that I've been trying to limit my use of single-use face masks; my friends and I recently tried making a homemade oat mask and it was super moisturizing and such a fun activity for a girls-night. With face masks on of course, I love turning on my favorite movie, Up (that movie somehow still makes me cry), and eating lots of perhaps not-so-healthy snacks (Pop Secret caramel popcorn is my go-to). It just doesn't get any better than relaxing on a comfortable bed with face masks and good company. 

 -Lulu Schmitt 


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